Top Tips For Marketing Your Business

Top Marketing Ideas & Lead Generation Strategies

Don’t know where to start with  marketing? 

Top Marketing Tips

Whether you are starting a contracting business or already own a business, the importance of finding new customers can’t be underestimated. If you don’t have a way to capture leads online, you will struggle to acquire new bookings. We’ve, therefore, created a list of lead generation hacks anyone can put into practice.

Build or Revamp Your Website – Lead generation for contractors

A well-designed website is the most valuable tool you can have in your marketing arsenal. Having a website gives you all-important visibility online and builds consumer trust. However, for websites to be effective lead generation tools, certain criteria need to be satisfied.  This is how you can improve the marketing of your business.

  • Websites should load fully in 3-seconds or less.
  • 60% of Google searches for local businesses are conducted via mobile web browsers. For this reason, websites need to be mobile-friendly.
  • All web pages and blog posts should be SEO optimized and use local SEO to help you reach clients in your local area.
  • 48% of people say having a well-designed website is instrumental in building consumer trust. For this reason, make sure your website is easy to navigate and is visually eye-catching.

Consider Using Paid Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website  – Market your  business

After launching your website, you need to ask yourself a question. Do you want to spend every day looking for new ways to find  work? — Or do you want new work opportunities to find you?

One of the easiest ways for new bookings to find you is to start building visibility online using a paid Pay Per Click (PPC)  ad campaign. This can be done by setting up a Google Adwords campaign.

PPC ads showcase website URLs at the top of relevant local searches when people search for services like yours. More importantly,  PPC ad campaigns work. 75% of Google users say that paid search engine ads make it easier to discover products and services they are searching for.

Boost Local Brand Awareness by Using Local Business Listings

Local business listings represent a fantastic way to reach real people in need of your services. As well as investing in paid ad campaigns, it is, therefore, important to create business listings on all local classified sites in your area. There a few tricks to get your local  business ranked with local business listings.

When creating local listings, make sure to also claim your business with Google. Doing so will see your residential or commercial  business featured on Google Maps.

Boost Lead Generation Success by Implementing a Content Marketing Strategy

When marketing your business online, it is important to remember that search engines like to see regularly updated web content. Websites that aren’t regularly updated, rarely feature as prominently in searches as those which are.

To pique search engine interest in your website, it can be a good idea to start a blog.

  • Standout as a local authority, by regularly publishing new blog content concerning common problems.
  • Syndicate all blog content via your social media channels to increase the visibility of your brand on social media.
  • Consider complementing blog content with media like how-to videos.

When in Doubt, Hire a Professional SEO Company

Blogging, social media marketing, and planning PPC ad campaigns, can seem like a full-time job in itself. Sometimes, it is, therefore, smarter to outsource  marketing and lead generation to a dedicated lead generation company.

If you do choose to work with a third-party lead generation company, remember to only work with a company familiar with your industry and your target audience.

digital campaign for electricians

Your website must be a lead generation machine.  Make sure that you include lead magnets on your website.  Also, set up an auto-responder email campaign.  That will ensure that you stay at the top of the mind when customers are looking for your service.

Lead Generation for Electricians

It is important to use Google Ads to rank at the top of Google.  Also, make sure that you pay a low cost per click when you create your Google Adwords campaigns.   This can be done by using Long Tail Keywords.  

SEO for electricians

What gets measured, gets managed.  You must know your numbers.  How many leads have you generated the past month?  Make sure that you set up reports to track your leads.  This will help you to put more effort into campaigns that work.

Marketing for Electricians

It is critical that your lead generation campaigns are automated.  This will save time, resources and money.   

Outsourcing Marketing is a Wise Move - Here’s Why

Starting a business in South Africa isn’t easy. Lead Generation for businesses is a full-time job in itself. Outsourcing digital marketing  to an agency can, therefore, be instrumental in lowering your workload.

Marketing Isn’t Easy

 According to Internet marketing guru’s, most new brands fail miserably when it comes to marketing. This is especially true for trade-specific startups.

You spend years training to be an expert in your industry. You don’t spend years learning the intricacies of online lead generation. Neither do most South African sole proprietors have the luxury of being able to hire dedicated marketing personnel. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Marketing 101

Outsourcing lead generation to an established lead generation company is a smart choice.  Businesses pay for lead generation that works out of the box. This results in significant cost savings.  Specifically, by avoiding problems with poorly executed, amateur marketing efforts.

Implement and Scale Marketing Strategies Quickly

Designing a website and using a Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign to start generating leads, can sound simple. However, poorly executed campaigns can prove costly. By comparison, dedicated marketing agencies like ourselves, have the skills and experience you can rely on to start seeing real results instantly.

Target Several Marketing Channels Simultaneously

 As a business owner in South Africa, do you know how to discover what trending search terms help people find businesses like yours?

The likelihood is that you neither have the time or core marketing skills necessary to engage with your target audience. Outsourcing lead generation changes this.

  • Break out of a marketing rut by working with people who know how to put local brands like yours in the spotlight.
  • Gain insights that wouldn’t otherwise be possible into who your target audience is and how you can reach them.
  • Effortlessly expand your online visibility across several marketing channels simultaneously.


Benefit from a Better Return on Investment

We know what kind of marketing strategies yield results, and which result in lackluster ROI.

Our marketing expertise allows us to implement lead generation strategies which work first time every time. We get the results you need. You keep your marketing costs to a minimum in the process.

Outsourcing Marketing Helps You Stay Motivated

In 2019, 70% – 80% of new SMEs in South Africa failed to survive their first year trading. Part of the reason for this rests with poor marketing. Many business owners also struggle to manage several mission-critical businesses operations single-handedly.

Zillion Leads changes this.

By working with us, you can do what you do best. In the meantime, we’ll do what we do best, by ensuring you always get new bookings.

Help Us Help Your Business Stay Ahead

At Zillion Leads, it’s in our interest to implement lead generation techniques which generate a real return on investment. Partner with us and start getting your business noticed.