How to find new customers for your business.

This is how we find leads and customers for your business:

  • The first step is to start working on your lead generation website.
    • We start by creating a 5-page marketing-focused website for your business.
    • On a monthly basis, we will add a one-minute business-related video, which will be uploaded to YouTube and the website.
    • Using video as a content marketing strategy, means you are well on your way to ensure your brand is credible and trustworthy.
    • Each month, we will add a 600-word business-related article (new page) to the website. This will ensure that your website keeps on growing with relevant keywords in Google Search results.
  • This website will be optimized for local search and voice search to get more customers.
  • On a continuous basis, we will do all the search engine optimisation work, such as competitor analysis and keyword analysis. 
  • If the pricing option which you have selected includes Google Ads spend, we will create and manage the Google Ads campaign.
  • We want to start generating leads for your business as fast as possible, so we will quickly add your business to 30 online listing sites.
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Lead Generating Website

We build a lead generating website for your business, from scratch.  

We follow a 4 module proven strategy to build  a lead generating machine for your business.

There are certain tricks and formulas to follow, to get a customer to make that sales call.  We make sure that there is just enough information on your website, to get the customer to contact your business.  Please note, that this website remains our property and will be online for the duration of our service agreement.

Search Engine Optimisation - Optimise the website

Your website will contain all the relevant keywords, which will make your page rank high on Google Search.  We will also spy on your competitors, to find out what makes their sites rank high on Google. And then borrow some keywords from them, to make sure that you outrank your competitors. The result will be more leads for your business.

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Appear in Google’s “Featured Snippets”

When you do a Google search, you often see a block of content appearing at the top of Google, with content and a link to a specific site.  We will do our utmost best to make your site appear Google’s “Featured Snippets” area.  Although we can not promise that your site will appear in the featured snippets area, as it is up to Google to determine if a website should show as a snippet at the top of search.

Be Mobile First

All your customers are searching for businesses on their cellphone.  Be the business at the top of the page, when your customers use mobile phones to search for services.

To show at the top of Google, we use search engine optimisation tips and tricks as well as pay per click advertising.

Optimized for Google Voice Search

By the year 2020, 50% of all people will use voice search to find a service business fast.  Let your customers find you if they use Google Voice Search.  

Specific location-specific keywords will mean that you will out-rank your competitors.  

We use Geo-Tagging for images, to rank the images of your site on Google

Google Adwords - Leads

The top 5 to 10 businesses on the front page of Google, are always those who have paid for advertising.  To be at the top, it will also be required to put in some cash to get to the top. Leads are easier to find with Google Adwords.  (Google Ads Spend is an optional package.)

Google Ads require ongoing management.  We will handle the Ads account for you.

Be everywhere

Many people still search through classifieds ads online to find a business.   We will make sure that your business is listed on at least 30 online listing services.

Video Marketing

Here are a few benefits of integrating video marketing as part of the marketing strategy of your business:

  1. Video increases conversion rates.
  2. With crazy schedules, people would often prefer to watch a short video versus taking 10 minutes to read the same information.
  3. Google loves videos.  Videos will increase the ranking of your website.
  4. Video builds trust and credibility.
  5. Video encourages social shares.