How to get customers?

Here is a step by step guide on how to get more customers:

  1. If you are serious about your business, then you must start building a brand that customers will trust.
  2. Create a lead generation website with many call to action buttons.
  3. Make sure that your business details are the same on your website and on may online classified sites.
  4. Have a free downloadable document on each page of your website, which customers may download.
  5. Keep customers who have downloaded your free document informed with monthly emails.
  6. Find customers – the website must be optimized for voice search.
  7. Your website must be mobile-friendly and responsive to increase customers.
  8. Have a sticky call to action with your phone number floating, when customers use their cellphone.
  9. List your local business on at least thirty online business listing websites, to drive customers to your business.
  10. Get customers – use paid Google Ads.
  11. Create an information video to get more customers.
  12. Build relationships with other contractors and businesses and hand out your business card at every opportunity.
  13. Listen carefully to the problems and concerns of your customers, and build long term relationships with them.
  14. How you answer the phone when a customer calls your business is important – you must be friendly and caring.
  15. Speed is important – be the first to respond to the client / customer.

Lead Generation. Top Marketing Tips

Are you looking for an easy and practical way to boost your business? Marketing likely isn’t one of your core strengths. You are a business owner, not a South African web marketing guru. However, generating leads online is key to securing new contracts and customers.

Marketing Tips Anyone Can Implement

The first rule of lead generation is to focus on developing a catchy website. You might already have a website. However, there is a difference between having a presence online and learning how to make it shine.

Fact is… customers are not really interested in your business and your business history since the year 19??.  Customers are interested in how you can give them what they want and need. Make sure your website is all about the customer, and less about you.

Start With a Website and SEO Audit and learn how to get customers.

Lead generation is all about finding ways to capture new booking leads, before funneling them to your website. However, before starting to acquire new leads, it is imperative that website landing pages must be expertly optimized.

  • Your website needs to be lighting fast. If it is not, new potential customers might navigate elsewhere before pages finish loading.
  • Optimize your website for local searches. It is usual for local business owners in South Africa to target specific urban areas. It is, therefore, a good idea for websites to include local Google Map data. Sites should also attempt to rank for key phrases which include local place-names where your business operates.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly. Mobile web browsing is outpacing desktop web browsing. As well as fast-loading, it is, therefore, crucial to ensure websites are mobile-friendly.

The design of your website is also important. Visually, your website needs to attract user interest and to build trust. At the same time, it should take as few clicks as possible for a new visitor to make a direct inquiry.

Off-Site Marketing Tips

One of the easiest ways to start generating leads off-site is to make sure your business is listed in all local directories. Make sure also, to claim your business on Google. When people in the area you service search for a local business or service, you will appear in relevant searches as a result. Get customers – list your business online.

Boost Lead Generation by Understanding Customer Journeys and get customers.

When working in a service or contractor industry, it can be difficult to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. You speak a technical language they don’t. However, understanding why people search for services like yours is hugely important.

When people search for businesses in their area, they won’t typically use obvious search terms like “xxx near me.” Many will also search for potential DIY solutions to common problems.

Tools like Google Trends and Google Ads can help you identify what terms people in your area typically enter into search engines. If you can identify these, it is a good idea to start curating web and social media content designed to rank for each accordingly.

  • Create a blog with posts designed to rank in Google for common related search queries.
  • Share all your blog content on social media.
  • Include a call to action with every piece of content you share.
  • Consider adding service pages to your website, designed to answer frequently asked questions.

Learn How to Boost Your Business With Paid Ads and get customers.

Lead generation ideas like blogging and outreach via social media, are low cost, yet can generate a significant return on investment. There is just one downside.

It can take months and sometimes years to build up consumer engagement on social media. Blogs can also be difficult to rank in local searches dominated by competitors with bigger marketing budgets. When this is the case, it might be time to consider a paid ad campaign such as Google Adwords.

 Use Pay Per Click and Social Media Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are ads that appear at the top of relevant Google searches and link directly to business landing pages. Businesses and other contractors pay each time an ad is clicked and (usually) benefit from a significant boost in new leads. Get customers by using targeted paid ads for your business.

Similar to PPC ads, targeted ads on platforms like Facebook can also help generate new leads. However, if you are not familiar with how ad campaigns work, it will always be a good idea to invest in professional help.

When Short of Marketing Ideas, Get Professional Help

If lead generation takes you outside of your professional comfort zone, it will always pay to invest in professional marketing support.

Lead generation services can do all your marketing heavy lifting for you while leaving you free to attend to new bookings. Just remember to stay in regular communication with third-party marketing agencies. This way, you can keep your marketing budget on track, while learning a few marketing tricks yourself in the process and you will get more customers.

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Why South African Business Owners Need to Invest in Lead Generation

Are you familiar with today’s best strategies for advertising your business? As a contractor or someone owning a business in South Africa, lead generation likely isn’t your best strength. However, by engaging with the right marketing and SEO company, this doesn’t have to be a barrier to business success.

Master the Art of Lead Generation Easily for your local business.

Zillion Leads is a lead generation company, based right here in South Africa. In this respect, we’re unique.

Research shows that South African small and medium businesses are failing to market themselves online. If you are a business owner in South Africa, then this is a serious problem. While you’re not employing the latest industry SEO best practices, your competitors are. As a result, they generate more leads while you generate fewer.

Zillion Leads turns the tables on your competitors. We ensure the continued profitability of your business. To do this, we transform your website into a high return on investment sales machine.  This will ensure that you get customers quickly.  

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Lead Generation for Business Matters – Get leads for your business.

You might already have a business website. The chances are, though, that sales leads acquired through your site are few and far between. If this is the case, you need to act fast to address this.

  • Every year, the number of Google searches grows by 10%.
  • 97% of people already search online to find local businesses just like yours.
  • 88% of people who find a local business online, will call or contact that business within 1 hour.
  • 34% of “near me” business searches result in real bookings and you will get customers.

By not investing in online lead generation today, you risk losing business tomorrow. Of course, you might be happy at present with word of mouth referrals. However, word of mouth referrals doesn’t carry the same marketing weight they used to.

46% of Google searches are already performed by people looking specifically for local businesses. More importantly, 60% of those searches are conducted via smartphone. When people need a local business, they don’t, therefore, wait to hear about you via the grapevine. Instead, they use their smartphone to discover services in their area.

Invest in Lead Generation  Today to Future-Proof Your Business Tomorrow

You might already have a  website. However, lead generation is about more than setting up a digital storefront. Lead generation is about actively driving online traffic to your business.

Don’t leave it too late. If you aren’t generating new leads via Google already, you’re already loosing out to local businesses who are. As a lead generation company, we can fix this.

Find out how our industry SEO expertise can benefit your business. Reach out today to find out how our SEO company can boost your future profitability.